May 27, 2011

This incredibly hectic week...

I wore some stuff.


So yeah my Fergalicious shoes broke that day.  :(  Hopefully, I can fix them.  Top Kohl's, tank and necklace Forever 21, bag X-Girl and shorts Wal-Mart.


Necklace, leggins and shoes Kohl's, top Forever 21 and overshirt Zizibeh.


Dress, shrug and purse Kohl's, shoes by MIA and necklace Lia Sophia.  Sucky hair by me.  :(

How was your week?

May 19, 2011


I haven't updated like I should have this week.  For reasons I don't want to get into on here, I've been kind of emotional since Monday.  I had hoped things would get better but they've only gotten worse and now I don't know what to do. (Sometimes I wish I still had a personal blog.)  Irrelevant to fashion banter aside, here's what I wore this week.


Was at the San Diego Zoo on Sunday.  Top & tank from H&M, boots Zizibeh, hat Target and jeans Kohl's.


Sweater Kohl's, tank Closet, jeans LC brand from Goodwill, necklace Lia Sophia and shoes Steve Madden.


Both tank & top from Forever 21, necklace Payless, pants Wal-Mart and shoes Kohl's.

How's your week been?

May 11, 2011

This week...

Hi everyone!  I've got a new app for the iPhone so I'm now trying out some cute borders for my photos.  Hopefully you like them!


Tank H&M, sweater Forever 21, shorts Target and shoes Fergalicious.  Forgot my necklace!  :(


Top Forever 21, pants Wal-Mart, shoes & necklace Kohl's.

How's your week so far?

May 8, 2011

Death by buffet...

For Mother's Day we headed up to the casino buffet where I proceeded to eat a small island of food.  This is what I looked like before I left:

Tank and shorts Wal-Mart, shoes Kohl's, necklace Lia Sophia and sweater Goodwill.

I am so full I can't move!

May 7, 2011

May blues...

Sadly I think May is when my outfits start to dwindle.  I wish I had more dedication sometimes but always come May, I don't feel like dressing up anymore.  As I look around work I see the same feeling from a lot of people apprehensive before but now wearing jeans on a Monday and carrying that style through Friday.  I think everyone is tired and some are burned out.

Anyway, here are two things I wore this week but I can't remember the days.  Monday, Thursday?

I was super excited to wear this outfit because it contains two new pieces!  The dress was on clearance at Macy's and I ended up paying like $4 for it with a coupon!  Shirt Zizibeh, shoes Shiekh (on sale!), leggins & necklace Kohl's.

Tops from Japan, shorts Target and (new) shoes Payless.

So I wanted to end with the best of the best Royal Wedding hats!  I love hats.  I'm not sure if you know that about me but I do.  I love 'em!  Anyway, here are my favs.

First, the best represented country hat wise was by far Spain, elegant and beautiful choices by the queen and princess:

Queen Sofia, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia

Frances Osborne

Kitty Spencer & friends

What do you think about May? Any favorite hats?