February 28, 2011

Not bad...for a Monday...

I was supposed to be posting this blog but I got distracted by the internets.  Damn distracting internets.  Anyway, today was a pretty good day for a Monday (days I usually have post weekend exhaustion issues).  It was probably because I fell asleep around 10PM last night and not much much later.  Anyway, today is predicted to be the last of the cold days for a while.  It's supposed to be in the 80°F (26°C) by this weekend which is good I guess.  I've been dying for spring wear.  :)

Anyway this is today:

So weather wise this is probably the first and last time I'll wear these legwarmers.  I am bummed but I got them so late in the season.  Late fashion bloomer I guess.  :/

Sweater from Forever 21, tank & shoes Wal-Mart, skirt Target, necklace Payless, legwarmers and tights eBay.

Cute for a Monday!  :)

February 26, 2011

Oh apparently I have this blog...

And I'm supposed to be fashionable.  I guess I wasn't very fashionable this week.  I only logged one day and today.  Not sure what happened there.

I don't even know what day this was.  Monday?  Tuesday?

Overshirt from Zizibeh, lace tank H&M, black tank Wal-Mart, skirt & socks Target, boots eBay and necklace JCPenny.

Today was the Matsuri Festival in Phoenix.  I wore this:

Photo taken with my new iPhone!  Hoodie from eBay, boots Overstock.com, top Wal-Mart, shorts Goodwill and necklace Lia Sophia.

I made プリクラ with an app.

Here's the inspiration for my hair.  The above picture doesn't do it justice.  

That's all for today!  Hopefully I'll be more fashionable next week.

February 21, 2011

New swag...

Hello!  I hope you're enjoying President's Day!  I have the day off so of course I am enjoying it.  This weekend it rained like crazy all weekend.  Then, this morning not a drop of rain or looming cloud.  Weird AZ weather.

Giant raindrops:

Anyway, here are some things I bought that haven't been featured yet:

Clearance coat from H&M, half off!

Crochet sweater from H&M.

Captain EO shirt from Disneyland.

Lace tank from H&M.

February 16, 2011


In Arizona it's spring already but in most places spring is right around the corner.  I've been sick the past few days with some nasty food poisoning so I've been looking at magazines.  So far spring does not impress me.  It's laden with florals and the new popular style is called vintage something or something vintage.  I don't remember what it's called but as someone who's quite knowledgeable where vintage is concerned it doesn't look at all like vintage.

Anyway, I did manage to pick out some things I liked:

As you can see lots of light and neutral colors.  I didn't pick any florals because I hated all the floral outfits.  I guess I'm not a huge fan.


As a girl who wears glasses I love seeing them featured in J-mags.  The middle pair and the pair just to right of the middle pair look like ones I would wear.  The middle pair is definitely my favorite.  However, how cool is the Gucci pair?!?!  It looks like she's not even wearing glasses.  Too bad Gucci glasses will never be in my budget.

Well, that's all for tonite.

February 14, 2011

No red or pink...

I did that on purpose.  I hate Valentine's Day.  It's especially painful when you're single.  Seeing everybody laden with flowers, candies and chocolates while others are left empty handed just doesn't seem fair.  But who says life is fair anyway.  I had a mostly crabby day and I think it was partly due to the overwhelming sense of loneliness Valentine's Day produces for me.  Anyway, enough whining.

Here's my Monday outfit:

Jacket from Kohl's, pants from Wal-Mart, tank from Target, necklace Payless and shoes Fergalicious.

Here's my inspiration:

I actually do have shoes very similar to those but I didn't feel like wearing them.

I hope you had a better day than I did.

February 12, 2011

Happy day!

Today was the VNSA book sale.  I've been going for years (can't remember the exact number).  Today I got a lot of Japan and Japanese books.

On a whim we decided to stop at the Japanese market (Fujiya) on the way home.  To my surprise I found these:

February More and cheese Kit Kats (I got the last box on the shelf if you believe that).  They smell powerfully like cheese but I don't think they taste much like cheese.  I think they taste kind of like coconut.  Weird.  Add cheese to the interesting Japanese Kit Kats I've tried.

Ramune (nasty)
Berry Pomegranate
Apple Vinegar
Green Tea

Is that it?  That doesn't seem very impressive.  I'll have to see what they have in June.

Oh Japan, you're so funny!

February 11, 2011

And now the rest of the week...

So I guess it didn't really matter what I wore on Wednesday.  No one looked at my outfit as they were too busy complimenting my hair.  Apparently it was the best hair day of my life.  I wish I had taken a close-up.  Oh well.


I guess the drab poof I was doing with my hair while waiting for the bangs to grow out was just a ho hum hairstyle.  I love Japanese magazine featuring dark tights with light shoes.  I always forget I want to try it out.  Well, while paging through mags I saw it again and decided to give it a go.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Sweater Forever 21, skirt & shoes Target, tank Goodwill and necklace Zizibeh.


So this outfit received stares, gasps, a fan club and loud exclamations.  In addition one person took a photo.  She was trying to be sneaky about it but I saw her.  Oh well, maybe I'll be famous.  Boots from Payless, leggins Kohl's, top from Japan, necklace from 109 and sweater Delia's.

Now to veg the rest of the night.

February 8, 2011

Big busy post...

Happy new week!  (Though this one didn't start off great.)


The first pic was the outfit I didn't like (and stand up straight geez).  The second one I liked better.  Top from Wal-Mart, leggins Zizibeh, skirt Target, boots eBay and the rejected vest from XI.  (Cute but most uncomfortable boots on the planet.)

Monday night I picked out Tuesday and Wednesday's outfits.

So productive!


Sweater from Goodwill, skirt Kohl's, shoes Wal-Mart, the tights and scarf came from my trip to the UK a couple years ago.  Unfortunately about 2:00 I was really sweating in this.  :/

I was inspired by this J-Style outfit:

Tonight on "Glee" Brittney wore some definite J-Style inspired outfits.  I liked the pink one but I only managed to sketch out the black and white one.

Don't judge me for my messed up foot and arm.

That's all for today!  Busy busy!

February 6, 2011

It's been a long week...

So long that I haven't updated all week!

Anyway, here's my week in fashion.


Top/dress made by me, bunny necklace from Zizibeh, boots eBay.


This is another version of an outfit I wore a while back.  Boots eBay, sweater Goodwill, skirt Target.

Don't know what happened to Wednesday and I was sick on Thursday.


Professional dress for our competition.  I hate that the belt loops leave unsightly bulges.  Sweater from Goodwill, pants from Target and shoes from Wild Pair 100 years ago.  :)

So that's my week.  Sorry it's so late!