January 30, 2012

Monday high hopes...

I had such high hopes for today's outfit and though it may look cute it was an epic failure.  First the beading is so heavy that the top sagged exposing too much of my tattoo for my liking.  As I said in an earlier blog though the tattoo is in no way shape or form offensive I've been trying to keep it hidden at work because some people find it offensive.  I still don't get it.   The other problem is that the sweater cannot be put in the dryer.  So the amount of static cling on the thing was downright offensive.  My hair was on end all day until a miracle happened and our t-shirts came so I changed out of the clothes and tied my hair back.  My hair is still still staticy.  Geez!

Anyway, Monday:

Sweater Goodwill, shirt Lauren Conrad brand from Goodwill, leggins & necklace Kohl's, boots eBay.

Anyway, I read I should douse the sweater with hairspray or vinegar or diluted fabric softener.  I'm not too keen on smelling like vinegar and don't have the liquid fabric softener.  So I guess hairspray it is and I stay away from flammable situations.  I wish my hair would stop standing on end. 

January 26, 2012

Another week...

My arm hurts.  I think I may have slept on it funny.  Lord knows I didn't do anything strenuous.  I'm gonna go soak in the tub in a bit and I hope it will feel better.


Sweater eBay, dress Japan (labeled g.f. I can take you exactly to the store in 長崎 where I got it), leggins Wal-Mart, boots Kohl's.


Shirt Old Navy brand from Goodwill, skirt Target, necklace Kohl's, boots eBay.


Shirt Apartment Market (Japan), tank XXI, pants Goodwill, shoes Style & Co from Goodwill.

BTW I have some new followers I've yet to acknowledge!  So thank you:

~Ms Moon~

I hope you like it here!

Are you ready for the weekend yet?  I am!

January 20, 2012

Week end and weekend!

Again why do short weeks seem to last forever?  I am glad this one is over because I am exhausted!


I put this outfit together on a whim and I'm glad I did because I love love love the way it turned out!  Top Forever 21, sweater Goodwill, skirt made by me, boots eBay.

Tonite I went out with the girls.  It was a much needed laugh fest.  Super fun!

Shirt & shorts Goodwill, tights & boots eBay, necklace made by me.

I hope everyone has a nice long relaxing weekend!

January 18, 2012

Short week/long week...

Why do short weeks seem so long?  I wish it was Saturday.  Or at least Friday night.  I need a long nap.

I went to Goodwill last weekend and got some "new" clothes so I was anxious to wear them this week.


Shirt dress Goodwill (H&M brand), leggins Kohl's, boots eBay and can't remember where the necklace came from, maybe Target?


Sweater  eBay (Banana Republic brand), shirt Target, skirt made by me, tights Wal-Mart, boots eBay and necklace ????

Is your week going by any faster?

January 15, 2012

What did you do today?

This was a week of necklace casualties.  Two of my favorite necklaces broke this week.  Today, I bought materials to fix one.  Not quite sure how to fix the other.

Anyway, here's what I did today:

(Funny Pac Man necklace.)  I think it looks pretty great if I do say so myself!  So, what did you do today?

January 14, 2012

The rest of the week...

Been so dead tired this week.  Didn't really feel like posting.  Today, I slept in (for once) and even took a mini nap.  I'm so glad it's a three day weekend!

So here's the rest of the week.


I think of my outfits this week, this is my favorite.  Top Goodwill, pants Kohl's and boots eBay.


Sweater Nordstrom brand (from Goodwill), top Forever 21, pants Lee (Goodwill), shoes Payless and necklace Lia Sophia.  Not sure I like this outfit.


I just keep thinking, "I could have made this better."  I think some legwarmers would have been a nice addition.  I just have all these too short pants that don't work well in winter.  Anyway, top & necklace made by me, tank & pants Wal-Mart, boots Kohl's.

January 9, 2012

Monday, Monday...

It's such an awful day.  Sunday night so far seems to be my "I can't sleep" night.  Every other night if fine but Sunday, geez.

Anyway, I hadn't planned on updating today but my daughter said I looked so fashionable today and that made me smile so I just HAD to update.

Monday, Monday:

Sweater Kohl's, skirt Forever 21, tights (which go bye bye after this outfit as they got a hole in them) Wal-Mart, boots eBay, necklace Lia Sophia.

How tired do I look?

January 8, 2012

Short week...

So one short outfit for you.  It's been unseasonably warm here.  I don't like it.


Sweater and pants Goodwill, sweater is Target brand, shoes Kohl's and necklace Payless.  Bad idea wearing heels (even platforms) after almost three weeks of no shoes or flats.  My sore legs are just starting to feel better.  Because I am most smartest, I planned low shoe outfits this week.  I should have done that Thursday.  You have to ease yourself back into the heels!

I've noticed a lot of the bloggers I'm following making resolutions.  I don't do that.  I'll just continue to be a good person and I'm sure 2012 will be great.  I hope your 2012 is great so far too.

January 4, 2012

Last day...

Of vacation that is.  I have to go back to work tomorrow. 

So my friend and I traipsed up to the Queen Creek Olive Mill which is about 30 minutes from her but probably longer for me.  It's way out there.  Their food was good but I was more interested in their products.  After lunch I picked up some Strawberry Aged Balsamic Vinegar and some Maytag Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives.  They are kind of expensive but well worth it in my opinion.  You can check them out here.

Now onto the clothes!  Today was sweltering for January.  I'm certain it was around 80° which is ridiculous for winter.  We'll be breaking out the spring wardrobe faster than you know it which is a bummer because I just built up my winter wardrobe.

Here's what I wore today:

Top Kohl's, tank Target, shorts Wal-Mart, boots eBay and necklace Lia Sophia.

Here's my favorite picture of the day:

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season!

January 1, 2012

New year...

First of all, I'm starving but I still have toothpaste taste in my mouth.  There's no eating breakfast with that, so I'm waiting it out and blogging meanwhile.

Second, my New Year's celebration was wonderful!  (Which is rare.)  It was my friend's birthday and she and her husband invited me to their party.  I'm so glad I went!  I had so much fun!

In fashion, this is what I wore:

I wanted to be known as "that girl with those tights."  I did get a few looks and mostly smiles accompanied them so it worked out.  One super nice compliment too.  :)  Anyway, tights and boots from eBay, shorts White House Black Market, top and sweater Wal-Mart.

My hair looked fabulous thanks to my awesome curling iron:

And my favorite pic of the night, birthday girl & me:

I hope you had a super New Year's celebration too!