April 27, 2012

To report...

Not much to report this week, just two outfits.


Top made by me, pants Kohl's, shoes Fergalicious, necklace Payless.


Top Colleen collection (Target), jeans also Target, shoes Kohl's.

Today, I took this funny pic:

Impersonating my favorite lady Zooey D.  Maybe it made you laugh.  :)

I hope you had a good week.  Enjoy your weekend!

April 22, 2012

Week in review...

I wore some stuff.  Here is that stuff.


This is before the hair panic attack.  Dress Uniqlo, leggins Kohl's, shoes Payless, necklace made by me.


Bought this top at Goodwill forever ago and have been trying to wear it ever since.  I think I did ok.  Both top & pants Goodwill, shoes Kohl's.


Shorts Goodwill, top and sweater Target (sweater Colleen collection), shoes Shiekh.


Shoes and top Kohl's, pants Wal-mart, necklace Japan.


Jeans & shirt Target (Colleen and Goodwill), vest XI and shoes Charmant.

I have two new followers I'd like to welcome:


I hope you like it here!

And I hope everyone had a nice week.  Mine was exhausting!

April 16, 2012

Panic attack...

Okay so a couple weeks ago I decided that I should grown out my bangs.  If you've ever grown out your bangs, you know that this is a tedious and sometimes painful process.  THERE IS ALWAYS HAIR IN MY EYES!  I hate this and I know a lot of people do too except maybe emo kids.  I think maybe they enjoy it.  Anyway, tonite I'm kinda of watching TV (kinda means my face is glued computer and the TV is on and I watch it sometimes) and the new iPhone 4S commercial comes on starring Zooey D.  If you know me at all, then you know that she is my idol.  Total idol.  As in I idolize her.  She rocks.  Seriously.  Back to the story, I stopped what I was doing and glued my face to the TV.  I almost cried.  Literally almost tears.  I ripped myself away from the TV and went to the bathroom to cut the hell out of my bangs.  Now before you freak out, I have cut my bangs before and I actually own a pair of hair scissors so I didn't hack at it with the kitchen shears.  They had grown kinda long on one side and my sister trimmed them last week (I think) so it was more a matter of getting them even.  I think I did an okay job considering I've had no formal training.  This is probably the weirdest panic attack ever and I'm a bit embarrassed sharing this with you.

Taken just now.  When did I get so jowly?  Yikes!  Anyway, what do you think?

April 14, 2012

It's that time of year...

Same thing happens every year around this time and not just to me.  A lot of people stop putting effort into their appearance.  Jeans become the trend.  Many people are exhausted around this time myself included and jeans and a t-shirt just seem so much better at 6:00AM.  That said I only have two outfits for you from this week.  (Not that it matters but it was also a weird week schedule wise.)


In afterthought the scarf was a bad idea because I received many a stupid comment.  Scarf Kohl's, shirt Target, pants Goodwill, shoes & necklace Payless.


Sweater, tank and pants from the Colleen collection.  All items originally from Target.

In other news, my sister trimmed my bangs:

And I love Dove:

I hope you had a nice week!