February 22, 2014

A vegetarian foodie in Japan...

Is winter over yet?  I'm really tired of the bitter cold.  I want to feel the sunshine on my face.  I want summer.  Believe or not I'm excited that it will be in the 50s this week.  I have made some super delicious things but I got into a fight with my internet and it refused to work.

Anyway, on the the food!

I made some borscht.  It was good but then I left it out all night and I'm afraid it was no good after that.

I made the best pumpkin soup ever!

It was so unbelievably tasty!

I made a veritable Valentine's Day feast for my boyfriend:

Recipes are here.  Everything was, of course, awesome,

Here's the dessert I made:

I made a to-die-for grilled cheese.  Seriously, never making it the regular way again.

That's all!  Happy eating!

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