April 18, 2014

A vegetarian foodie in Japan...

Wow!  I've been too busy with my new life that I haven't had a chance to update.  So so sorry about that!  I've made some things that I've forgotten to photograph but I'll post the recipes anyway.

I made the best breakfast ever:

This French toast sandwich is super delicious!  You must try it!  I made mine with homemade French toast because we don't have instant and, well, it's better.

I made my guac:

I made this yummy sandwich:

Quite tasty!

I made this bean salad and this pasta salad both without photos, but both I recommend!

In Adventures in Dining, I found a local Indian joint.  Quite delicious:

I tried Starbucks' Lemon Creme Frapp (it was just okay):

And I had some super tasty お好み焼き:

That's it!  Happy eating!

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