March 13, 2015


Not the blog, my actual physical self is moving to my 3rd ku in 3 years in Japan.  Moving is never fun, having to live out of boxes until everything is sorted, not knowing where anything is despite having labeled every box, and the all around disarray that goes with moving.

My current apartment which I'm leaving behind has served me well this past year.  It introduced me to a new neighborhood of Tokyo and despite it being just a little smaller than my last place, it actually felt bigger, and the best thing of all about this place, it's pet friendly and allowed me to adopt this beautiful face:

Anyway, for closure purposes, I thought I'd write about what I would and definitely would not miss about this place.

Will NOT Miss
  • traffic sounds from the busy street
  • the annoying and unbelievably loud auto shop across the street (which always seems to be the absolute loudest every time I try to take a nap)
  • old everything
  • really far from the station
  • people throwing trash in my bicycle basket every single day
  • stinky pachinko next door

Will Miss
  • gorgeous view of Fuji-san & lovely sunsets
  • allowed me to have my first dog in Japan
  • bedroom on an outside wall and on the top floor
  • bright, lots of windows
  • the newly-built, super convenient market downstairs
  • vegetable farm nearby
Anyway, I've made my peace with leaving this place in more ways than you realize, and I'm beyond excited to start the next chapter of my life.

Today I dragged two suitcases two different times to the new place.   It's so quiet there and everything I look at in the house makes me happy.

Here's some lackluster pics for now.  I guarantee it will be a lot spiffier once we're all set up.

And our very first housewarming present:

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