June 5, 2016

This blog...

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately.  I don't post much these days. 

Before I moved to Japan, this blog was J*Style which was about Japan mostly Japanese fashion something I tried to emulate.  After I moved to Japan, it became Lost in Japan which was about me navigating the confusing landscape of a country I had dreamed about from afar, visited, but never lived.  I tried to impart my wisdom via experience about the culture and travels through Japan.  This blog was never very popular and as much as I want to say that doesn't matter we all want what we write to be read (at least I'd say we do if it's published on the internet).

I feel like I have little new knowledge to impart to anyone on the subject of Japan.  Writing this blog feels more like a chore to me than something I actually enjoy doing.  I feel like I could change the format of this blog to general whinging about life but then that's pretty much what I do on FB and Twitter, so why do I need another site to do something I already do somewhere else?

I also feel like Blogger has gone the way of the dodo.  I think that many people have WordPress instead or used alternate blogging sites like Tumblr or microblogging sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Technology has left no time for people to read blogs.

I can't bring myself to remove this blog.  I don't have much interest in keeping it running or changing the format though I may occasionally post about Kit Kats or Lipton Tea.  Meanwhile, I think I'll just leave it here.

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