December 22, 2013

DIY cell phone charging station...

Hey all!  I did a very simple DIY project that I'd like to share with you.  After scouring the internets trying to find a suitable charging station for my various electronic devices, I found that I didn't have either the space or the tools to accomplish what I saw.  So I headed to the ¥100 store to see what I could find that would help me organize.  (Note: if you can't find exactly what I did, look for something with some kind of holes in it.)

Here are the materials:

This is a shoe organizer.  My goal was to find something with a hole in it that I could feed cords through.

Next, I was in a hurry so I kinda just threw this together:

It's kind of a mess and doesn't look very organized.  When I got back from lunch I sat and figured out how to make it better.  I found I could wedge the sockets into the opening in the pink container.

I also used twist ties to keep the cords neat (except I wish they were white and not green).  Much nicer.

I made two so I could charge various devices:

As you can see, this container is big enough to hold a regular sized iPad (so by default you know the mini will fit too).  You can also get a good look at how I wedged the sockets in.

Anyway, my life feels less cluttered and tangled now that I have a place to store everything I need to charge.

I hope this was helpful and can give you some ideas of how to get out from that pile of cords.  Happy organizing!

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