February 10, 2013

A vegetarian foodie in Japan...

Yeah so...apparently it's been about 2 months since I updated this section of my blog.  Sorry about that!  I have eaten at places and even made food.  I guess I've just been lazy about posting.  That means this is going to be long.  Sorry about that too!

Beautiful and delicious 4 cheese pizza from Pizzeria e Trattoria da ISA:

Thanks to National Azabu supermarket I got all the necessaries to make my kick ass enchiladas:

 Brown sugar cupcakes prefrost:

Sometimes I make the most beautiful omelette  you've ever seen:

Killer vegetarian ramen from T's Tantan:

Finding Chipotle (aka Frijoles) in Japan:

Back at Devil Craft again:

Some gorgeous bruschetta I made:

Lentil Chili:

Some hot chocolate and ricotta pancakes from bills in Odaiba:

Artichoke Cream Pasta:

(No recipe, just kinda winged it.)

Taco rice from Chaya:

Obama Veggie Burger from Pink Cow:

Pretty much the best brownie I've ever eaten Butter Brownie from Pink Cow:

It's Vegetable! is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant that makes mock meat.  It's super delicious!  I want to eat there all the time.

Sweet & Sour "Pork":

"Fish" with Lemon Sauce:

Some fancy food from a fancy ass dinner party I went to:

Beautiful crepes in Shinjuku:

Look at this bomb ass pizza I designed from Domino's Family Restaurant:

How to Get a BF pasta, garlic bread and Caprese:


Soup from Soup Stock Tokyo:

Black Bean Tacos:

Surprisingly found cilantro at my local supermarket!  (And these are by far the best tacos ever.)

Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes:

Few things mesh like cherries and chocolate which make these are some damn good cupcakes.

A proper tempura lunch in Ginza:

Whew!  Sorry for the mile long post!  I hope you found some recipes in there you like or for you Tokyoites, some places to eat.

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