February 17, 2013

Monument for Nothing...

Today I was fortunate enough to visit the Mori Art Museum to view Aida Makoto's exhibit "Monument for Nothing."

Aida's exhibition features some beautiful and some rather large pieces of art, many which are a scathing social commentary on aspects of modern Japanese society that people like to keep hush hush.  His work is loud and powerful and has been called "provocative, subversive, and perverted."  I had a true emotional reaction to many of his pieces.  

The only thing in the museum that can be photographed is called "The Non-Thinker."

Here's some things I purchased:

Two folders and some postcards of his work.

Afterwards you can walk through the observation area for some stunning views of Tokyo:


If you live in Tokyo, I implore you to go see this exhibition (though if you are overly sensitive you might want to avoid some areas).  It cost a mere ¥1500.  Quite possibly the best ¥1500 I've spent in a good while.  Hell, I'd say if you live in Japan get here!  If this ever comes to your town, it is a definite must see.  

Here is the website.

I hope you had a nice weekend.  Tomorrow it's back to the grind.

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