October 26, 2013

A Japanese Wedding...

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to attend not only my first wedding in Japan but also my first traditional Japanese wedding.  It was a beautiful and emotional event in which many a tear were shed (even from yours truly).

Here's a run down of how it went.

First was the meet & greet:

There ceremony itself was so quiet.  The priest (?) orated the ceremony.  There was sake drinking and exchanging of rings.

Then there were pictures:

(Lots of pictures.)

Then there was the reception which consisted of songs, speeches, and so much delicious food:

(Not all the food is pictured here.)

The party lasted well into the evening.  I think we finished after 9PM (11AM start time).

I have a lovely time and it was a wonderful and heartwarming ceremony.

I wish you two all the best, a long life together full of love and joy.


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