January 14, 2013

Tokyo has a snow day!

The weather forecast said some awful rain was in store for Tokyo today.  By noon, that rain had morphed into beautiful snow.  Maybe you know this about me but I am from the desert.  It doesn't snow in the desert. 

At first, I hid out in my apartment and took a ton of pictures but then I went down to the ground level to get a better view of my neighborhood in a whole new light.

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

It has since stopped snowing but I am still bundled in layers, hiding inside and cooking chili.  The rooftops in my neighborhood are still glorious white.  Snow is such a beautiful thing but it made my life for a moment seem surreal.  I mean, I live in Japan.  It's snowing outside.  These kinds of things never happen to me!  I do hope though, that if this is a dream, I never wake up.

Stay warm out there!