January 24, 2013

The Puffy Coat...

You might (then again maybe not) remember me talking about this fashion trend when I visited Japan back in March.

Well, ladies and gentlemen the puffy coat has returned to Japan for another winter season. 

Here are some puffy coats for sale in Japan:

They come in any color you like.

I call it the puffy coat.  Some call it a down jacket.  Either way, I don't own one.  I've tried them on and I don't think they look good on me at all.  Now this is just how I feel about them on me.  On others they don't look so ridiculous or hideous.  Maybe I'm just not meant for the puffy coat. 

Regardless, I hit the mean streets of Tokyo to find out why so many people like this fashion trend.  (I asked everyone the same question: "Why do you like the puffy coat?")

First is Stephen:

Stephen had this to say about his puffy coat: "It makes me feel manly and warm.  It makes my muscles look bigger than they actually are."

Next is Max:

Max had this to say about his puffy coat: "Because it's cool.  It makes me cooler than I am.  I don't care about being warm."


Ben likes pinnipeds as much as he likes saying the word pinnipeds.  Ben wanted everyone to know that he doesn't discriminate where coats are concerned.  "I don't just like puffy coats but it's a bit like taking a blanket with you."  He also wants you to know that "The hood rim is not real fur."

Next is the lovely Katt:

Katt's puffy coat was purchased at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas and cost her around $900.  She had this to say about her puffy coat: "It makes me look hot and compact."  I was surprised to see she was wearing a sleeveless shirt underneath.  She said it kept her warm enough that she didn't need long sleeves.

Ed was happy to model for me:

Ed is modeling the lesser popular puffy vest.  I honestly don't see many of these.  He had this to say about his puffy vest "It squashes up into nothing and fits in your bag.  It's incredibly light and warm."  He demonstrated this for me.  It really can get quite tiny.

Come to think of it, I have seen someone else with a puffy vest:

Marty McFly, the original trendsetter.

Next is the beautiful Vrusheli:

Vrusheli had this to say about her puffy coat: "It keeps you warm.  It's snug and not heavy."  I do love the vibrant red.

Erika also modeling a puffy coat:

Erika had this to say about her coat: "It's warm and I have a lot of different colors and styles.  I like matching them with my outfits.  No particular reason though, just because it's warm."

Next is the most adorable person ever, Mamina:

She's so adorable that it took three blurry pictures of her to get a good shot because she wouldn't stop giggling.  Adorable.  Mamina was attracted to American brand A&F because of their "sexy models."  She purchased her coat in Ginza.  I think "sexy models" was her main reason but she also stated "because it's warm."

Phil also has a puffy coat:

Explaining this blog to Phil was an awkward experience.  He mostly just looked at me like I was crazy.  Phil said "It's warm.  This one in particular is waterproof.  Little pockets kinda zip up like a tent."  He demonstrated this for me.

Scott did not want to model his puffy coat:

This explains the look on his face.  When asked why he liked the puffy coat Scott answered "No reason in particular."  I'm sure he's still sore about being featured here.

Here are some random Tokyoites in puffy coats:

(The elusive ombre puffy coat)

People coordinate these like they are a part of their outfit and not just a outerwear.

Here are some more puffy coats for sale:

The puffy coat was also featured in New Year's 福袋 offered by Uniqlo:

I did not buy it.

So what have we learned?  The puffy coat is great for braving a Japanese winter as well as a fashion statement.  Am I sold?  I don't know.  For now, I've yet to find a puffy coat that looks good on me.  you're welcome to take me shopping to try and change my mind.  I do love shopping after all.

So what do you think?  Do you have a puffy coat?  What are your thoughts on the puffy coat?

(Special thanks to Stephen, Max, Ben, Katt, Ed, Erika, Mamina, Phil, Scott and Vrusheli who let me photograph and quote them for this blog.)


  1. Ohh the good old poofster. XD (my word for it)
    It`s been popular in Japan ever since I can remember..slightly changing in style and trend colours every winter but there they are...they keep on hitting the racks as soon as it gets slightly cold.
    Coming from Finland, I understand they are a must in very cold areas but in Tokyo and south of here..mostly unnecessary and rarely flattering on anybody. ^^;

    I did spot a long cool black one with a belt and black furry hood that I ALMOST bought..had it been a bigger size I prolly would have got it.
    Also saw Moitie do a lolita version of it last year I think. Only two times in my life that the poofster looked wearable. XD

    But each to their own and if it keeps one warm, all good then. ^^d


  2. The puffy coat trend is strange to me. I've seen a remarkable number of people wearing the purple puff with fur trim hood. It looks fine on kids but I am just not buying into this still.

  3. Portlanders are wearing them, too. I think they're totally hid and you could not pay me all the money in the world to wear one! (Ok, that's a lie... I could be bought for a fairly low price.)