July 5, 2013

A vegetarian foodie in Japan...

I've been too busy.  I haven't updated my blog like I should.  Sorry about that.  Blogging is a lot of work if done right.  Anyway, enough bitchin'.  Onto the food!

I stumbled onto this gold mine and I literally cannot stop making salads from this site.  I'm certain that it's going to get me through summer.  Here are some salads from the website:

Seriously addicted.

Next I made some excellent Japanese food:

I braved Cheese Dessert:

(FYI Lemon is a million times better than Vanilla.)

In Adventures in Dining, I tried Subway's new Avocado Veggie with Wasabi Dressing:

(Also pineapple tea)  Both were delicious!

Next, I experienced cake rolls:

And finally, ate some yummy foods during a visit to Nikko:

Yuba lunch and dessert

Stilton Salad:


Vegan lunch from Cafe Meguri:

And vegan dessert:

That's all for now!  Happy eating!


  1. Jamie, that "goldmine" link goes to a NYT article I can't access! I want to make salads, argh!

    1. It worked fine for me for weeks and then suddenly I had to create an account. That should allow you to access it.