July 27, 2013

Tales from The LG 12th Floor Garden...

It should really be called The LG 12th Floor Organic Container Garden.  But that's too wordy. 

Success from the garden front.  First we have some new sprouts:

Look at those baby basils!  How cute!

Next we have some red romaine sprouts:

Once both the romaine and the basil grow a little bigger, I'll have to thin out the plants.

I also planted the lemon basil into soil since it developed some nice roots.  The plant itself still looks a little sickly but I hope it can recover because it smells delicious!

In other news, I started plant sitting for two more plants:

Those are parsnips which I don't really care for but I promised to take care of them because my friend loves them.  Not sure why...

And finally beets!  Beautiful beautiful beets!  I wish they were mine because I love beets so much but I've never seen them (fresh) for sale here.  I've been able to find every other vegetable that I love.  No worries because I ordered some beet seeds from Amazon.  Yay beets!

That's all that's left to report from the urban garden.

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