September 6, 2013


In Shinjuku's seedy Kabukicho district you'll find hundreds of lights, host clubs aplenty, tattoo'd people and prostitutes.  But this is also where you'll find Tokyo's ロボットレストラン or Robot Restaurant.

An otaku's wet dream or tourist trap (you decide), Robot Restaurant assaults your senses with flashing lights, scantily clad dancing girls, and robots of all shapes and sizes.  This visitor and occasional blog writer loved every minute of it.

There are different shows and currently they are running a show featuring dinosaurs!  Outside the restaurant, you'll find an animatronic T-Rex and brontosaurus (not to mention a really busty cavewoman?).

Within the show there are several different shows.  Let's start with a badass tattoo'd chick playing a trumpet:

Pole dancers on top of robots, okay!

Throw in some drummers both on the robots and on the ground:

More robots?  Why not!

But these are evil robots who can only be defeated by bikini clad Captain America!

And also some badass chicks on a dinosaur:

Mini intermission, have a glow wand:

Ready to be assaulted by lights?  I hope so!

The finale is the girls riding around on a light up tank and plane:

It's definitely the coolest part.

Here's one of the robot girls up close:

You may have seen them driving around Shinjuku:

Anyway, my verdict is yes!  If you get a chance to see this show, go!  It's definitely exclusive to Japan and likely (if you're visiting) a once in a lifetime experience unlike anything you've seen.

(And I apologize that some of the pics are not super clear.  Everything moves pretty fast at Robot Restaurant.  It's hard to take clear pics on iPhone.)

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