September 20, 2013

Tales from The LG 12th Floor Garden...


Lately Tokyo's weather has been absolutely beautiful.  Crisp cool mornings, pleasantly warn days and brisk evenings.  It looks like fall is finally here.

Things are going well in the garden.  I believe the spider mites have been eradicated (I tossed the original tomatoes and the strawberry plant - the last infected plants), and I also got rid of some more pesky caterpillars.  I planted some new plants and I inherited some new planters.  Everything is just lovely.

First, say hello to some heirloom purple tomatoes:

There were only 8 seeds in the package.  So far, six have sprouted.

I also planted 9 seeds (banana peppers and peperoncinis sent from my mother) and I don't remember which is which so I guess it will be a surprise!

So far six of those have sprouted.

Finally, welcome aloe vera to the garden:

I have no idea how to take care of this so I started reading up.  My favorite part so far is that aloe vera plants have babies.

Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print.  Happy gardening and happy weekend!

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