August 25, 2013

Summer's end...

Well, as of today summer is officially over (for me anyway).  No more vacation.  It's back to work.  It's still really hot though.  I can't wait until fall when the humidity won't kill you.

Anyway, here's the rest of my summer wear.

August 6th:

Not my favorite outfit but hey it's cool (temperature wise).  Shirt Treasure Factory Style, shorts Wal-Mart, shoes Chiyoda.

August 9th:

Tank Uniqlo, shorts Wal-Mart, shoes Chiyoda.

August 13th:

Jacket Uniqlo, tank Forever 21, shorts Goodwill, shoes Chiyoda.

August 17th:

Dress & sweater Uniqlo, shoes Fiorucci.

I hope you had a lovely summer and that it wasn't too short.

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