August 21, 2013

Tales from The LG 12th Floor Garden...

Blog has been quiet I know.  Well, it's because I've been on vacation!  (And even though it doesn't particularly pertain to Japan, I'll blog about it later anyway.)

I'm happy to report that bagging the plants (thereby creating each plant its own miniature greenhouse) was 90% successful!  Unfortunately, I lost the snap peas which is a real shame because I love those vegetables.  It may have just gotten too hot, no way to be certain what happened.  Anyway, when I opened the bag they had turned a hideous yellow and the soil smelled horrid.  The red romaine was a little wilty but it's still alive and kicking.  The plants that weren't bagged (because they were too big) obviously dried out and were a bit droopy but as soon as I watered them, they perked right back up.

So hear this people!  If you're going on vacation and you don't want your plants to die, bag 'em!

As I was not in the best shape Monday I didn't do anything.

Yesterday was a different story.  First, I returned all plants I was babysitting back to their rightful home thus freeing up a tremendous amount of space in the garden.  I then had to clean the balcony which was a disaster.  After the balcony was beautified, I planted red and yellow peppers in the same container as yellow mini tomatoes.

Obviously they haven't sprouted yet because I just planted them but hopefully soon!

I also planted some jalapeños.

I can't wait until those grow!

Today I planted romaine and butter lettuce. 

Talk about anticipation.  I've never seen butter lettuce in the store here and I love butter lettuce.  I threw a ton of seeds in there so some are bound to grow.

I know this isn't a very exciting post but hopefully I'll have sprout news for you soon.  Happy gardening!

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