December 14, 2012


Well, I'm sick again.  This time I've lost my voice which sucks because I love the sound of my voice.

All joking aside, I'm going to tell you something no one told me before I moved to Japan.  Maybe it will help and maybe it won't but I wish someone would have mentioned this to me.  If you move to a foreign country, you will get sick...a lot. 

I moved to Japan in June.  December marks month six.  In the last six months, I've been sick three times and not just a tiny cough or some mild congestion.  I've been so sick I don't want to exist any more.  I was sick when I first got here.  I was sick for pretty much all of November (Happy Thanksgiving!) and I'm sick again (Merry Christmas!). 

I braved the doctor again today.  I think I was lucky last time as my doctor spoke English.  Same place, different doctor, maybe one word of English.  Add to this the fact that I couldn't speak.  Trying to force out words forced out squeaks.  Everyone was really nice though.  The doctor prattled on in presumably the fastest Japanese in Japan.  After he examined my throat, he told me exactly what he was going to do next.  I understood.  He was going to stick a scope down my nose and check it out.  I nodded politely through his speech.  I was fine until he moved the scope deeper.  It hurt so I started to cry.  Again everyone was kind and caring.  大丈夫? 大丈夫? They asked.  (Are you okay?  Are you okay?)  I nodded through it all still unable to speak.  Trying to squeak out ごめんなさい (I'm sorry) for crying.  I thought for sure when he pulled the scope out the tissue the nurse gave me would be soaked with blood but there was not even a drop.  I guess that means he did the exam correctly.  He told me in Japanese that it was very red.  I knew that without an exam.

So the usual routine.  Wait.  Pay.  Go to pharmacy.  Wait.  Listen to explanation in Japanglish.  Pay.  Still around ¥2000.

This is the medicine I got this time (plus something to gargle with):

Fortunately today marks the start of winter break for me and I don't have to return to work until January 7th.  I'm also supposed to jump on a plane for America soon.  I'm visiting the fam for Christmas.  So I guess my vacation begins with countless hours of rest, TV, soup, hot tea and eventual cabin fever.  I hope I get better soon.  I want to see some illuminations before I head to America.

Anyway, this has been my total crap day.  I hope yours is better and you are well wherever you are.  I'm off to sleep and watch a lot of TV.  Maybe not in that order.

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  1. Aww sorry to hear you`ve been sick. Hope you`ll be better soon! ^^d
    And totally agree, when you move to another country, especially Japan (it seems)..
    you will be sick ALL THE TIME. XD
    Takes a while for your body to adjust to the different germs I guess. XD I spend almost half a year in Japan, half in am still getting sick too. First year in Japan was such a misery. Was better after that but now I`m in and out again so hello slimey bugs. ^^;;
    *she moans and schniffles from under the blankie with a cup of tea and tissues at hand*