December 2, 2012

She's back!

Sort of.  I actually got to feeling not so bad last week and decided I should probably get back into fashion.  So for two days I was trying to be somewhat fashionable.


Sweater Uniqlo, jeans Colleen Collection (Target), scarf & shirt also Target, boots Couripie.


Sweater Wal-Mart, skirt Target, tights Daiei, boots Chiyoda.

Also, I had been watching this ANAP sweater on Amazon for a while.  Well, it went on sale so I ordered it.  The bad news is that it came with a hole in it.  The good news is that it was on the seam so I whipped out Bernie and fixed her up.  (Bernie is my sewing machine for those who don't know.)  It's such a hassle to send things back.  It doesn't matter what country you're in.

The temperatures have dropped like crazy here.  I hope you're warm wherever you are.

Ah before I forget I'd like to welcome new followers:

Odd Western Lollipop
Zombina Tinieblas
Sixx Mats

Thanks!  I hope you like it here!

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