December 23, 2012

Live from America...

Hi all!

I'm currently in the motherland visiting the fam (and sorting through my crap) for the holidays!

Needless to say, I'm not currently lost in Japan but lost in America.  Not to sound pretentious and holier-than-thou but it's weird being back in America and I haven't quite adjusted yet, jet lag aside.  Oddly enough I forgot how culturally diverse America is.  I live in a mostly Japanese community and there are hardly any foreigners there.  In addition, everyone here speaks English!  In Japan, I am an anomaly for being Western, a girl, and speaking English.  Here, I am an anomaly for living in Japan.  It's a different dynamic and difficult to get used to.  (Incidentally, I think none of the above are reasons to gape at me.)

The trip was mostly painless.  Aside from an escalator being out of service I got to Narita pretty easily.  After checking my bags, I shopped and ate at Narita.

I decided on a big delicious bowl of きつねうどん which if you don't know is one of my favorite things to eat in Japan then you don't know me at all.

I figured I'd probably not be eating any Japanese food on my trip so I went out with some Japanese.  I have decided to gorge myself on Mexican and Cheesecake Factory (neither of which I've managed to eat yet - sadly).

I flew on Korean Air this time and I was for the most part, pretty impressed.  Korean gives you the standard blanket and pillow but also a package with toothpaste, toothbrush and also slippers.  Coach legroom is sufficient but still not as good as ANA.  I watched two movies on the plane, ate, and studied some Japanese.  The food (vegetarian meal) that I ordered was gross.  The first was bland overcooked rice and veg and the second was a rice porridge which had no flavor whatsoever.  I might have to call them and switch to like Indian vegetarian or something.

A couple bad things about the flight, first I sat next to two girls who didn't shut up the entire plane ride.  Second, have you ever flown with congestion?  My advice to you, is that if you're ever congested and have to fly, get the best decongestant money can buy.  I'm coming off another sick and I still have congestion and a cough.  I had no decongestant and upon our descent (both times) I felt like my ear was going to explode and that needles were jabbing into my head.  It was the worst.

So I got to LA even though we were delayed an hour.  After going through customs, claiming and rechecking baggage, finding the Delta counter (after going to the wrong counter), getting my new boarding pass and eating lunch, my five hour layover turned into a one hour short nap (since I didn't sleep at all on the plane.)

Since I've been home, I've seen most of my family (haven't seen my dad yet).  I saw two friends.  And I've unpacked and repacked a shit ton of boxes.

See what I mean:

Since I came to Japan in June, I left my entire winter wardrobe in the States.  One does not need sweaters during Japan's brutal summer.  I came here with two empty suitcases which I have already begun to fill with winter wear.  I certainly don't need it here.  Yesterday, I wore a 3/4 sleeve dress and flats.  It's ridiculous how nice it is here.  I don't miss the cold but I miss Japan already.

My sister gave me the best hair cut yesterday.  My hair looks so cute!  I can't wait to style it properly so you can see!

Anyway, it's 7:30AM here so I guess I have to start the day.  I hope I can make it.  I didn't sleep much last night and I'm fighting every urge to nap through the day.

I hope you're good and not jet lagged or congested!

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