December 28, 2012


It's 8:10AM.  My jet lagged self woke up twice.  Once at around 2:30AM and once about 5AM.  It's okay because I am going back to Japan tomorrow!  (With an arrival of Sunday afternoon blah!)

It's been an interesting "vacation."  Vacation is in air quotes because the first like four days I was here, I unpacked and repacked boxes and after that I packed and unpacked and repacked my suitcases.  I leave with 2 checked and one carry on plus a backpack.  All of those items are bursting with clothes and a few American items I can't live without (Advil, sunflower seeds, Mio).  I think my big suitcase is over by 2-3 pounds.  Hopefully, they will let it slide.  If not, I think there are some 2 pound shoes in there.  :o

The best part of this vacation was seeing all my family (like literally every member who lives in AZ) and the few friends I got to see.  It's okay if I don't get to see everyone.  I know people have their own lives to live just as I am super anxious to get back to my own life in Tokyo and plan some New Year's fun!

I hope I haven't annoyed anyone with how much I gush over Japan.  I suppose the gushing might be amplified as I live there now.

I am so glad I have another week of vacation!  I have a lot of work to do on my closet to try and get all these clothes to fit in there!  In addition, I can't wait to be back in my own bed and cook in my own kitchen.

People have greeted me throughout my stay with "welcome home."  This is fine to say but I feel like my home is not my home anymore.  I have to rely on others to get around and my schedule consists of nothing much.  In Japan, I got things to do!  However, I will always be from Arizona and it will always be my home state. 

I think one of my greatest achievements while here was the two large boxes of clothes that went to Goodwill.  Nothing like moving to another country to make you get rid of stuff.  I think this was huge for me because I tend to keep clothes even if I don't wear them which is super silly.  Part of being a level 1 hoarder, I guess.  I still have problems getting rid of things as there are still boxes which I have no desire to be shipped to Japan but I can't bear to part with the contents.  Maybe I'll get over that some day.  After all, stuff is just stuff.  It can't love you back.  I parted with a lot of things when I left here and even more things during this trip.  Maybe a pattern is developing.

My gosh this blog is long-winded!  Thanks for reading it all if you did.

I hope you have a Happy New Year and the next time I check in, it will be from Japan!


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