December 30, 2012

Home sweet home...

Japan decided to be a huge jerk and welcome me home with pouring rain.  Not the annoying misty rain that Japan usually gets.  It's pouring.  Fortunately inside my station is a コンビニ so I bought an umbrella.  No way did I bring one to dry and warm Arizona.  So I made it to the ATM, the grocery store and home with only the bottoms of my pants soaked.  I'm sitting under the heater trying to warm up/dry off.  

My plan is this: eat dinner, shower and then crash in my own nice warm bed with the heater blasting on me.  My bags are being shipped from Narita tomorrow so I have nothing to do tonight.  Just the way I like it.  They said it might be delayed because of the holiday but they promise some time tomorrow.  I can only hope it's earlier rather than later.

Anyway, just a brief update.  I'm exhausted but glad to be home be it ever so humble.

I hope you're dry and warm wherever you are.

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