December 26, 2012

(Lost) In America...

I'm trying to write a blog but I keep dozing off.  I am so tired.  Obviously, I'm still jet lagged if my body thought 1:30AM was an acceptable time to wake up.  It never is.  It might, in some cases, be an acceptable time to go to bed but never to wake up.

Today, my mom and I ran all over returning gifts and doing some light shopping and had a Mexican lunch to top it all off.  Later, my sister and I went to Kohl's to spend our gift cards.  Luckily, my family knows how much I love the Kohl's.

I bought these two sweaters (as well as various long sleeved tees for layering):

I am not looking forward to the cold again but I can't wait to wear them.  Neither picture does the colors justice as they are really quite pretty.

In other news, I've seen two friends since I got here six days ago.  I'm actually kinda bummed about it.  I mean I didn't expect the whole town to stop what they were doing and show up at my door but I had hoped more people wanted to see me.  I've been putting notices on Facebook like "Hey, I'm not busy."  No one has responded.  It makes me think about my life (that was) in Arizona.  I think maybe this means that it's officially over and everyone has moved on without me.  That's okay because I have a little life I've built in Japan.  It's nothing spectacular but it's all mine and I love it.  Of course, I may be reading way too much into this and it may be that everyone is just busy.  BUT, I made many gift bags thinking they'd be long gone but there they sit on the desk.  When I look at them, I get sad again.  I have been spending a lot of time with my family which is great.  I'm glad I get to see them.

My boxes are all reorganized and repacked.  The things I decided I wouldn't need are in a separate stack from those I do need (or want).  Two suitcases are packed full.  One is holding steady at right close to 50 pounds.  The other one is a carry on and the last suitcase I'll be cramming stuff into until the minute before I leave.  That's just how I roll.  Unfortunately, I think I pulled a muscle or really hurt my shoulder.  I am in a lot of pain back there.  I'm sure I did it lifting boxes.  It hurts so bad.  Or maybe it's from coughing.  I wish that would hurry up and be done.

Welcome my new reader Sassymoo!  (I'm glad she's here because I have been following her blog for a while.)

Anyway, I'm dozing again.  Hope you're not in this bad of shape!

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