December 15, 2012

In fashion...

Since I'm sick, let's look back on my week in fashion (before the voice kill bug).  It was filled with Peter Pan collars (my favorite type of collar).


It's kind of hard to see but has a gorgeous lace collar.  Thanks to my friend Alice who let me buy this even though she grabbed it off the rack first.  Anyway, sweater Seiyu, jeans Colleen Collection (Target), shoes Fergalicious.


It's hard to see but the sweater is actually navy.  It came from Uniqlo with a horrid smell, even after washing.  Maybe after a few more washings.  Jeans & shirt Kohl's, legwarmers Daiei, boots Chiyoda.


Same royal sweater coordinated differently.  Sweater H&M, jeans Colleen Collection (Old Navy), boots Kohl's.


Again hard to see but a sequined collar this time.  Unfortunately my hair kept getting stuck in the sequins which means this is a hair up sweater from now on.  Sweater H&M, skirt Kohl's, tights Daiei, boots Crocs.

No fashion this weekend.  I'm all jammies all the time.

In other fashion news, I'm working on a blog featuring a very popular trend in Japan right now.  Coming soon!

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