December 8, 2012

Kameido Tenjin...

On Wednesday in Japanese class I learned the word 亀 which means turtle in Japanese.  (This took two hilarious drawings and a translation from another Japanese teacher.)

Not too far from my house is Kameido Tenjin or 亀戸天神社。It's a famous shrine but mostly in February during plum blossom season or April during cherry blossom season.  I couldn't have picked a better fall day to go.  The skies were bluer than blue and the sun warmed the chilly day.

Torii gate from the street:

Sky Tree looms over Kameido:

Turtle statues dot the grounds:


Actual turtles:

And one giant Koi:

Statue + real turtle:

Beautiful curved bridge:

Ema tablets and paper cranes:

Bad fortunes tied away:

The main shrine building + Sky Tree:

 Shrine cat:

If you want to get to Kameido Tenjin, you might be able to take a bus.  I hate buses so I just took the subway to Kinshicho Station.  You can also take the train to Kameido Station.  From Kinshicho Station it was about a ten minute walk to the shrine.

It was strange that this shrine was just off a busy street but it was so quiet and peaceful.  I saw many who came for the solace.  Hopefully you enjoyed this look at Kameido Tenjin.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for Sharing. I Love turtles. So cute :) the bridge are really beautiful,too.